About our Seminars

TeenLET Seminars will begin being held on March 25, 2013 for teens across Orlando, Florida. This seminar is focused on leadership, entrepreneurship & technology as a means to help foster the growth of local teens by taking a “real-world” “hands-on” approach to starting lucrative businesses, understanding leadership, and finding jobs/internships to help with career development. Each seminar is limited to only 100 students as other sessions will be held year round.

TeenLET Seminar Highlights

  • Discuss hiring, internships, and business opportunities available to teens through our program. 100 positions are currently available.
  • Students will engage in conversations with local successful entrepreneurs that have launched thriving businesses.
  • Students will learn how to leverage social media to win customers for themselves or another hiring company.
  • Aspiring tech entrepreneurs will be coached on how to start their own business and raise money .
  • Students will participate in our monthly $250-500 business pitch competition to win money for their future business.
  • Students will view lectures by top college professors at Yale, Harvard, and MIT.
  • Students will be introduced to technologies to write software programs for Apple devices, Android,  and the web. Free software and online training courses are included.
  • ****************A Chance to Participate in the TeenLET 100 Program:  From March-June we will be hand selecting a total of 100 students to join our elite training program. This program is designed to give 100 students a huge advantage in the job market by offering internships, access to hiring companies, onsite visits to million dollar startup companies, monthly $250 business pitch competitions, 1-on-1 training, resume writing skills, college credits(pending approval), and much more. This program WILL ONLY accommodate 100 students and can only accept new students upon the graduation or advancement of a current student.

Meeting Location

Orange County Downtown Library
101 East Central Boulevard
Orlando, Florida 32801
Web site: http://www.ocls.info

Our first seminar will be held on March 25, 2013 from 10am-2pm at the Orange County Downtown Library in the Albertson’s Conference Room. Other meeting dates and times will be posted on January 16th.

Please note that the location for this event is subject to change depending on the number of registered attendees.

2 thoughts on “About our Seminars

  1. I am a junior student at Oakridge High. Ian a athlete and currently doing good academically. In recent years I had the opportunity to be in roles such as captain,student of year (language arts) have been a participant in the AVID program for5 years. Last year I received an invitation to the Congressional. Leadership Conference

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